Best Orgnanic & fresh Honey

Al istijabah herbal and honey production

Best Orgnanic & fresh Honey

Al istijabah herbal and honey production

About Us


Al istijabah Herbal And Honey Production was established on March, 2008 by Mr. Taleat Abdulkabir Akanni. Started With Beekeeping and later added some aspects of health benefit from Bees after some series of researches which included the production of Al istijabah Multi-purpose Ointment, the ointment is made of bees bye products and it is safe for internal and external applications and can be used for treating Spiritual problems. Also, It is used for the following: Cough, Ulcer, Stomachache, Headache, Catarrh/Running nose/Nasal congestion, Boil, Pimples, Vaginal Infection, Premature Ejaculations, Sleeplessness, Wet dream, Foul odour when wearing shoes, Snakebites/Scorpionbites, Bees/Wasp stings. The production of Al istijabah Eye Cleanser was also introduced which can also be used for treating Glaucoma, Eye Pain and Eye Itching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow bees ethically and naturally in order to provide our community with raw, natural honey straight from our farm to your table. We will never blend or compromise the nutrients shared with us from our bees, Our community will only have the best, and the best comes our Al Istijabah Herbal And Honey Production.
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Our Values

We consider beekeeping and the subsequent honey production to be renewable and sustainable agribusinesses that are both integral to our overall community’s health and wellbeing. We value hard work and a love for the community that agriculture is able to sustain through natural products. We are so passionate about transparency in the beekeeping world and providing 100% raw, natural local honey for our community.

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